We Made it! Hello Diriomo, home away from home.

We didn’t get to see everyone before we left. We just had too many things come up right at the end before we left. But we did get to see some family.

Grandma Mae Madsen

Grandma Alma Whiting

Last sunset in Utah

Saying our last goodbye to Ari and Hannah

She didn’t know what was about to happen! But she sure did love the chocolate pie…

Had to stop by and say goodbye to the farm before leaving

Bella was a little angel on the plane. I wish we had some footage of her during take off. She kept saying “plane” and “sky” and trowing her hands up and clapping above her head. Angie even tried to hold her hand and she just pushed it away and wanted to be a brave girl.

Waiting for our plane… One hour late leaving SLC International

Airtime from Salt Lake to Denver to Costa Rica was only 6 and a half hours (not too bad for those who want to visit). Then in San Jose we caught a bus heading to Managua. It was about 5 hours TO the boarder, 2 hours AT the boarder, and an hour and a half to Nandaime. Then we caught a taxi into Granada.

But I still love technology!

Some of the tender mercies we have already been given:

  1. We got to the airport late and wouldn’t have been able to check our bags, but the flight was late also.
  2. Got a bag checked for free because the guy helping us was cool!
  3. Gate checked our three roller bags all the way to San Jose, Costa Rica which made the trip less stressful for all of us.
  4. Made it through customs and immigrations quickly and caught an earlier bus to Nicaragua (saved us 6 hours of waiting around).

We Made it!

Good morning Granada!

Yummy orange juice to kick start a great day!