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  • 4 Days in Nicaragua

    4 Days in Nicaragua

    It’s been a while since we last made a post to our blog… a long while… So we’re going to catch you up on some of the most important things that have happened to us. Don’t worry, we’re not going to waste your time on the small stuff. We just want to post a few […]

  • Celebrating in Nicaragua

    Celebrating in Nicaragua

    Today is a big day for our Nica friends. We were invited to check out the parade in town yesterday. After doing a bit of research we were able to figure out what all the fuss what about. INDEPENDENCE DAY. Actually Independence dayS. Yesterday was Independence day for Nicaragua (Sept. 14) and today is Independence […]

  • These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

    These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

      Phillip WhitingPhillip is a 27 year old father of two. He has visited 25 countries on five continents and lived in four of those countries for over five years. He speaks fluent Italian and Spanish and has a deep passion for family, travel and cultures. He co-founded Yuda Bands in 2009 and has helped […]

  • Mi Casa es Su Casa

    Mi Casa es Su Casa

    BY POPULAR DEMAND: lots of friends and family have ask about our house and where we live. We live in Diriomo. Who knows the exact address. Nobody has real addresses here. Everything is based off of local buildings (1 block south and 5 blocks west of the cemetery/grocery store/church). We’re 15 minutes away from Granada […]

  • Beautiful Day at Apoyo Lagoon

    Beautiful Day at Apoyo Lagoon

    The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. We have been here now for almost three weeks and most of that time has been spent getting settled. We’ve lived in hotels, hostels, and finally found our home in Diriomo. We’ve had to find furniture, a car, and other things to try and make our stay […]

  • A New Life… No, a Real Adventure!

    A New Life… No, a Real Adventure!

    Big announcement everybody! We are moving! We have already moved a couple times in ourĀ marriage, but have neverĀ moved out of Springville. This time we want to make a bigger change so we are moving out of the state…and country! We are headed to Nicaragua. Where is Nicaragua you might ask? Just south of Honduras which […]