Author: Phillip

  • 10 Day Vacation in Nicaragua

    10 Day Vacation in Nicaragua

    Being away from family during the holidays has been the hardest part of being here. But for Thanksgiving we got a real treat. The Whiting’s visited us! They were here for 10 days and we all had a great time. Isabella loved seeing her aunts and uncles. Our first day out we went to Masaya…

  • 4 Days in Nicaragua

    4 Days in Nicaragua

    It’s been a while since we last made a post to our blog… a long while… So we’re going to catch you up on some of the most important things that have happened to us. Don’t worry, we’re not going to waste your time on the small stuff. We just want to post a few…

  • Got Inspiration? Follow the Prophet

    If you want to be edified this weekend you don’t want to miss this! Phillip

  • Let Freedom Ring

    Let Freedom Ring

    We are leaving in 5 days! We are excited to start our new adventure in Nicaragua but we will also be a little sad to leave family. Our parents live in the same town, Mapleton. It is nice having them so close because on holidays we can visit both families on the same day. But…

  • Anyone Can Make A Difference

    Anyone Can Make A Difference

    Beautiful day at Chance and Michaele’s wedding in Texas We are getting closer to our departure date. We have been really busy with our packing, family trips, weddings, and work. But as the days pass it is starting to hit us more and more that we are actually leaving. Enjoying the wedding treats and helping…

  • Who Needs an Adventure? Why & When We’re Leaving.

    Well, it is official! We have booked our one-way tickets out of Salt Lake City to San Jose, Costa Rica. From San Jose we will find some sort of transportation, probably bus, to the city of Granada Nicaragua. Starting about a month ago we put many of our belongings online to sell. We sold a…

  • A New Life… No, a Real Adventure!

    A New Life… No, a Real Adventure!

    Big announcement everybody! We are moving! We have already moved a couple times in ourĀ marriage, but have neverĀ moved out of Springville. This time we want to make a bigger change so we are moving out of the state…and country! We are headed to Nicaragua. Where is Nicaragua you might ask? Just south of Honduras which…