Mi Casa es Su Casa

BY POPULAR DEMAND: lots of friends and family have ask about our house and where we live. We live in Diriomo. Who knows the exact address. Nobody has real addresses here. Everything is based off of local buildings (1 block south and 5 blocks west of the cemetery/grocery store/church).

We’re 15 minutes away from Granada and 45 minutes from the capitol city, Managua. We were very blessed to find this place for cheap rent and it’s in a great location. We love Diriomo and feel very safe here. We have already gotten involved in the community by starting up a free English class on Tuesday evenings.

We’ve already made lots of friends. Some families have really opened up and let us into their lives. We feel lucky that everything has fallen into place so quickly.

Everyone is welcome to come visit! We have an extra room and would love to have you!
A view of our front porch. We love the hammock and rocking chairs!This is a view of our family room. All of the rooms lead to this main room.
We have two bedrooms in the back here with the bathroom in between them.  We are enjoying our new couch and chairs! We picked up the rugs at the local Deseret Industries. Some things even have DI price tags on them still!Zooming out a little bit you can see our kitchen table. It’s small but works great for us!
 Here is my desk. This corner has all the magic: phone, Internet, and computer.  The kitchen is awesome. We were so excited to buy a fridge and be able to cool down some water! Our favorite things to eat here are Gallo Pinto (which is rice and beans) on homemade tortillas with guacamole and sour cream! Oh yeah, we can’t forget our real favorite: chocolate frozen banana shakes. It’s a great way to cool down at night!
This is our bedroom. It’s super big and has great airflow with the two windows near the bed. The fan is a must. Here is Isabella’s room. My mom and sister made the doll for Bella and yesterday we bought the tinker toys at the “DI”
 We even have a parking spot for our car! We are the last house on this private road. It gives us lots of privacy and security. There is even a wall between us and all the neighbors. And across the driveway there is a little farm with chickens, roosters, geese, ducks, dogs, and lots of fruit trees.